A friendly, unique and personal Hector's dolphin swimming experience in the Akaroa harbour

Join us for a fun morning out on the water.  Our small boat is ideal for an intimate Hector's dolphin swimming Akaroa encounter!  With only one trip per day we are not in a rush and will take plenty of time to ensure you get the best experience possible.

We will also explore some of the volcanic coastline, including sea caves, and look out for seals, penguins and sea birds.  

Hector Dolphin

Read more information about the tour and meet the crew. You can see a collection of dolphin swimming photos in the Gallery

What a great experience! Small boat and swam with several Hector dolphins. Mafi, Jeff and Brooke were fantastic. Great way to finish our trip.

Highly recommended.

Explore a cave
Flock of gulls

Onuku Farm Hostel Dolphin Swimming

89 Hamiltons Road

Akaroa, New Zealand



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