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Your dolphin swimming crew

Co-skipper and tour guide Mafi
Skipper and tour guide, Jeff

Mafi came here from Switzerland in 1992 with an administrative background. The outdoors are much more her cup of tea and Mafi ran kayaking trips on Akaroa Harbour for 16 years before joining Jeff on the boat as crew 6 years ago. Since gaining her skipper's licence in 2016 she is now also Jeff's relief skipper.

Our owner/operator and main skipper is a true Kiwi (4th generation). Jeff has been on the family farm at Onuku for 50+ years, In the mid-80s he started Onuku Farm Hostel as well as small boat tours - at the time there was only one other boat tour operator on Akaroa Harbour. He took on dolphin swimming in the 90s and he still loves to make sure you get a great experience. He also likes to share a story or two.

Brooke is originally from Australia. She has worked at Onuku Farm Hostel reception for a couple seasons and has joined our dolphin swim team in 2019. She can't get enough of our little Hector's Dolphins and is looking forward to share some dolphin swim secrets with you.

We are passionate about the area, the scenery and the wildlife and love what we do. Sharing it with our guests is a privilege and our aim is to provide the best possible trip every time.


Safety is also high on our priority list. We take all necessary precautions which means we have to consider sea and weather conditions and at times might have to cancel a trip if we feel it is unsafe or it would not be enjoyable for our guests.


We respect the wildlife and like to work with the dolphins rather than force ourselves onto them. As a Department of Conservaton approved operator we follow their rules and regulations. Part of your money goes towards research and protection of the dolphins.

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