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Hector's dolphin swimming in Akaroa harbour trip details

The star of the trip is the endangered New Zealand Hector's dolphin, one of the smallest marine dolphins in the world. They are a maximum of 1.5 meters in length, weigh between 40 and 60 kg and live to a maximum of about 20 years. Males are slightly smaller and lighter than females.  They are only found in New Zealand inshore waters.

Departure Time and Duration

Trips run daily at 8am and depart from Onuku Farm Hostel, 89 Hamiltons Rd, Akaroa (See map). Allow at least 25 minutes to drive the 6km from Akaroa, park your car and meet us at the hostel reception. Trips take approximately 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Trips vary and we reserve the right to cancel if sea and weather conditions are unsuitable. 

Group Size

We take a maximum of 6 people dolphin swimming and 4 people dolphin watching which means your dolphin experience will be very personal.


Onuku Farm Hostel Dolphin Swimming Prices

Dolphin Swimming $150.

Dolphin Watching $75

Prefer a private tour? Contact us and we can tailor a trip for you!

What to bring

  • Wear your swimming togs

  • A towel for your shower

  • Camera

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • A bottle of water

  • A windbreaker/rain jacket in colder conditions

  • Personal medication

Little Blue penguin
The Akaroa harbour heads

What we provide

  • Wetsuits

  • Snorkels

  • Flippers

  • Hot shower

  • Cup of tea and a snack while on the water

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